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Here lie the rules and guidelines for the Sims Kennel Clubs. Please read what is within before joining or posting, as we have a few specific rules and things to know.

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1 1 SKC Community Rulebook
by Gemma
Apr 6, 2013 10:36:47 GMT -5
No New Posts News & Announcements - 1 Viewing

Any news and announcements regarding the Kennel Club will be made here. You should check this board regularly in case something exciting is happening.

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19 380 NEWS FEED
by White Harbor Kennels
Mar 28, 2014 0:19:59 GMT -5
No New Posts Staff Information

See lists of who is staff and what each staff member does, or apply to be staff in here. For current staff, there is a staff chat board for talking with other staff.

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Breed club holders and breed group holders may post general news and updates on their club or group here. Threads should ONLY be created by club and group hosts.

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21 274 SKC Great Dane Breed Club
by Crimson Reed Kennel
Apr 19, 2014 15:02:13 GMT -5

Shows & Competing

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This board contains all of the guidelines and rules regarding showing within the SKC community. It also keeps track of dog titling and points.

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Sub-board: Show Archives

199 4,205 Point Accumulation Form
by Goldien's Kennel
Apr 19, 2014 16:05:40 GMT -5
No New Posts SKC Conformation Shows

Any conformation/standard dog shows will be held in this board. Conformation shows are the most common and prestigious of dog shows: Dog's are judged on how close they resemble their breed's standards.

Moderators: Gemma, White Harbor Kennels, Crimson Reed Kennel

3 113 2nd Simnational Dog Show - Lvl. I
by Ritter Bauer Kennel
Apr 20, 2014 22:55:47 GMT -5
No New Posts Sporting Shows

All other sporting or fun shows will be held here, including canine agility and herding to sledding or photography competitions.

Moderators: Gemma, White Harbor Kennels, Crimson Reed Kennel

Sub-boards: Agility, Obedience Trials, Canine Sports

17 194 Divine's First Lure Course
by Cherovi National
Apr 20, 2014 23:08:50 GMT -5
No New Posts Fun Shows

All other fun shows will be in here. Fun shows can be anything at all, from "Cutest dog" to photography competitions.

Moderators: Gemma, White Harbor Kennels, Crimson Reed Kennel

6 120 SKC's First Ad Show
by The Divine Kennel
Apr 20, 2014 14:33:03 GMT -5


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Chitter and Chatter

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Some simmers like to keep a photo diary of their sims' lives, so you can do that in here. There are no rules/guidelines on this. One thread per member, please!

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87 3,571 Paso Libre | Photo Log
by Paso Libre Kennel
Apr 21, 2014 0:24:59 GMT -5
No New Posts Somewhere to Chat

Talk about anything here, no limits. Doesn't have to be sim or pet related.

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763 9,275 Real Life Picture Thread!
by Delta Kennel
Apr 20, 2014 21:00:56 GMT -5
No New Posts Sim Stories

So you fancy yourself a bit of a writer? Show us your sim stories here. One thread per story.

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11 62 Simnational show camping : RPG, open to everyone
by Forever Young Kennels
Nov 8, 2013 20:11:25 GMT -5
No New Posts Information Center

Have any useful guides or tutorials you'd like to share with the community? Want to share information about a breed whose club you host? This is the place to do it. Share tips, tricks, guides, and general information here!

26 178 Genetics Reminder
by White Harbor Kennels
Apr 19, 2014 12:24:56 GMT -5


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Maria Jones: that sucks Apr 20, 2014 14:39:11 GMT -5
The Charity Kennel: Oh it´s interesting how different people in different country´s celebrate Easter. Apr 20, 2014 15:13:57 GMT -5
Ansehen German Shepherds: Just posting a quick apology to those I've adopted puppies from, I just took all new headshots for my site so I should have them updated and have spaces (if not filled out pages, minus pictures) soon! :D Apr 20, 2014 15:15:21 GMT -5
Goldien's Kennel: That surely is :) Apr 20, 2014 15:31:37 GMT -5
Across Borders Kennel: that slovakia easter is definately...intereresting O_O... Apr 20, 2014 17:04:06 GMT -5
Goldien's Kennel: Haha, yep, it's terrible :D Apr 20, 2014 17:18:11 GMT -5
Zwinger Von Fenja: Why? Apr 20, 2014 17:44:21 GMT -5
Zwinger Von Fenja: Goldien's- thats odd :P Apr 20, 2014 17:45:06 GMT -5
Cherovi National: Oh, bugger. Trying to find out of Kelb is the top Pharaoh. May as well try to catch a unicorn while I'm at it Apr 20, 2014 18:20:45 GMT -5
Zwinger Von Fenja: XD. want me to do a JM? :3 Apr 20, 2014 18:28:49 GMT -5
Cherovi National: Of hunting down every single Pharaoh Hound on the SKC? Wouldn't be particularly fun. ;) Apr 20, 2014 18:30:12 GMT -5
Zwinger Von Fenja: agh nevermind computer won't cooperate -_- Apr 20, 2014 18:33:40 GMT -5
Zwinger Von Fenja: new website ALMOST done!!! :D Apr 20, 2014 19:12:45 GMT -5
Cherovi National: Why do I get so attached to these pixels? :c Deciding whether or not to put one down is breaking my heart. Apr 20, 2014 20:20:14 GMT -5
Green Mountains Kennel: why do you have to put one down Cherovi? Apr 20, 2014 20:27:42 GMT -5
Cherovi National: He'll be 16 in May, GMK. He's blind in one eye, arthritic, has a chronic limp in one of his hind legs, and he's recently developed a fever. Our vet's got him on as large a dose of antibiotics as she dares, but it's not touching it. Apr 20, 2014 20:32:47 GMT -5
Cherovi National: So now I'm listening to Burton Cummings' Break It To The Gently and focusing on Kelb's ad so I don't cry. Stupid pixels. Apr 20, 2014 20:37:26 GMT -5
Cherovi National: Although, the fact that this dog is nearly identical to my real boy, who is getting older, may have something to do with my feels. Apr 20, 2014 20:37:54 GMT -5
Green Mountains Kennel: its always hard deciding what to do when it comes to that stuff. But if he is suffering he might be better off if he is put down but if her doesnt seem to be in pain or suffering he might be ok. Apr 20, 2014 20:40:38 GMT -5
Cherovi National: I usually use a random life generator for my older dogs and usually follow it (although it tried to kill Nia - NOTHNX). Nij has survived thusfar, but really, Standard Schnauzers are pretty lucky to make it to 15, and he's past that now. Apr 20, 2014 20:47:08 GMT -5